Whether you are looking for an investment property or are planning to sell your lifelong home, choosing the right Real estate agent in Melbourne is a major decision. The difference between a good and a bad agent is not just the experience but also betting thousands of dollars. There has been a dramatic change in the way property marketing is done. It has advanced much beyond sticking a signboard up as you used to see on houses for sale in Truganina. Agents are now the heart and soul of any property dealing and the following are the main points you need to be aware of while going for any property dealing.

Research. Pick the agent, not the agency

Some people choose the agency they wish to sell via based on its brand, but it is the agent within the agency who will sell your house. Do as much research as possible about the agents in the same way you would do for buying properties or looking for buyers. Take a look at a few of their previous works to get a sense of how they process it.

Look local

You and your property will be represented by the agent you choose. It’s critical that the agent you hire is familiar with the region you’re selling in, as well as the other houses now for sale and those that have been previously sold. If there are other houses for sale in the neighbourhood, the agent should be aware of how to make your property stand out from the crowd. A realtor who is familiar with the area can evaluate your house in comparison to other homes on the market.

Get out & about, match personality

Open house inspections are one of the finest methods to conduct a  research of your shortlisted agents, so visit one and see yours in action. Take advantage of the opportunity to observe how your agent conducts an open house and interacts with possible buyers. It’s also a nice moment to say hello and exchange contact information. Real estate is a service industry, and the agent who goes above and beyond to ensure that their clients feel appreciated, confident, and secure will get the best outcomes. Inquire about the expected selling price, the method of sale (auction or private sale), the fee, the amount of promotion, and where it will be spent.

Location and style of property

Because local brokers have close ties to the community and often support the football team, schools, and charities, they should have a good understanding of properties in that region. Also, the worth of the property should match the stature of the agent.

Check the results, highest valuation is not always the right choice

Make sure to have a thorough knowledge of the agent’s track record, especially, look at the properties that the agent has recently sold. Inquire about the factual evidence, such as sale prices and time on the market.  Whenever there is some shortage in the real estate market, you will find agents who are ‘very hungry’. As a client, you need to circumspect when an agent is going to try to buy a listing. In fact, there can be very unreal pricing sometimes which can only be changed after they get a proper price feedback. The best approach is to have a thorough knowledge on what has been sold in your neighbourhood in the last six months.

Market knowledge, do your homework

It is the work of the agent to stay updated on the recent property dealing in the area. They should be aware of local schools, public transportation, demographics, and the kind of purchasers that are looking for properties in the area. It is always nice to get independent advice beforehand about the property dealing to have an idea of the negotiation.