It is a very common dream for most Australian citizens to own their own block of land. However, when you have to find the perfect plot, there are many considerations that need to be factored in. Having the guidance from a professional before getting a Land for sale in Truganina is one of the easiest options; but to keep your ideas handy, here are some important points that you should keep in mind.

Legal considerations

This is the vital point when you are buying a house land package Melbourne. There are so many buildings which come with a lot of restrictions. So before putting in your money, know about the details of the purchase and the limitations that land might offer.


As you will be living or probably giving out the place for rent, it is necessary that you consider the proximity of the property to regular places such as hospitals, schools, shops, public transport, parks etc. Nearby distance can ensure that your investment is worthy and can fetch you good return in the long run.


Be very careful while doing the research because if your land is located in a flood or bushfire zone, it will be a Red flag for your property. Make sure to check with the local city council as well as the developer to verify if there is any flood or bushfire risk. These will higher the risk options of even staying there and will also abstain you from getting the right price for your property.

Utility services

The availability of the utility services such as internet, power, gas, sewage, water are highly important. These provisions should be properly there in your block of land even if you are renting out the place. If there’s any discrepancies, you have to find a developer who can make proper arrangements of these utility services and get them installed. Having the proper utility services impacts the price of your property as well.


It may seem like a small step initially but when you are creating an energy efficient house, you are not only helping yourself in cutting down the electricity cost but also impacting the planet in a better way. Having a Northern orientation will ensure that your house will have enough natural light as well as warmth during the cold months. That means, you do not have to rely entirely on the HVAC to keep you warm. Also it will have a considerable saving on your energy bills when you think about it in a longer run.

Size and shape

Designing the house properly depends a lot on the type of land you buy. Popularly, a rectangular plot is seen to be the most favourite, but before you are going for a property decision, have a planning about your house design, how you want to subdivide it, how you want the dimensions to fit in your area. A reputable builder can help you get it done exactly that will fit in your lifestyle. That said, the terrain of the block of land is also important. If it is steep you need to get it leveled before the construction of the house (which will be an extra cost)

Soil testing

With due diligence, you need to have a proper testing of the soil of the land you are buying. Testing the soil will mean having a clear evaluation of the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil. This helps to understand how stable the house will be. Good soil composition also means that it can provide a sturdy foundation for your home.

Type of home

Depending on the type of home you want to build, your block of land should be selected accordingly. A family with children would ideally want a proper backyard with more than one bedroom. That means the block of land should be adapted to a design that can support this kind of architecture.

Neighbouring properties

Last but not the least, it is very important to have a clear idea of what kind of future development will be there in your area; or, if there is already some established building or properties, have a look at the kind of impact it might have on your home.