Agent: Mohit Batra's Profile

Mohit Batra

Founder I O.I.E.C I L.E.A

About Mohit Batra

Enthusiastic, motivated, friendly and a great communicator. Mohit Batra outdoes himself when it comes to his client's. His top priority is to give his clients a never to forget experience with his trustworthy and determined attributes.

Mohit is a passionate Realtor with expertise in the Wyndham area.

Before he joined the Real Estate Industry, he migrated as an international student and has worked across different field pertaining to great customer service and that is exactly what has dwelled on him over the years.

He has resided in the Western suburbs for over 10 years, this gives him an unparalleled understanding of the area, it's people, local property market and a unique insight into the great and a diverse community.

"For me Selling and Buying is a process that is very close to people's heart, this could be a milestone for some and I live by creating this experience as valuable as possible, says Mohit".

Attention to detail is his life motto when it comes to Real Estate. There is no doubt that with his experience so far in this industry, his success, competitiveness to do better and ability to work as a team player is unmatched. Having siad that Cricket is his favourite sport & the sportsman spirit of having a hollistic approach in his vision, definitely comes from it.

Mohit strives for excellence in every arena and ensures that he brings the best results on the table not just for his clients but also for his team. With the work ethic that is possesed by Mohit is a unique force to be recognised when choosing the best for your property.

Unique & Co. is a collective effort and a dream venture which solely would focus on serving the clients' uniquely to make processes effortless yet unforgettable.